Mat Ala

Volcano number:221105
Region:Africa and Red Sea
Geodetic measurements?Yes
Deformation observation?No
Measurement method(s):InSAR
Duration of observation:
Inferred cause of deformation:
Characteristics of deformation:

Mat Ala has a caldera at its summit. The volcao flanks are cut by numerous north-south trending faults, and fumarolic activity occurs along a fissure southwest of the volcano. Pagli et al. (2014), for the purposes of investigating regional velocity fields, looked at Envisat InSAR data that covered this volcano. They report no deformation.

Reference:Pagli, C. et al., 2014. Current plate boundary deformation of the Afar rift from a 3-D velocity field inversion of InSAR and GPS. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 119(11), pp.8562-8575.
Reference:Nasa, 1984
Location:41.161, 13.106

Mat Ala can be identified in this image by the broad dark eruptive deposits south east of the lake. Its caldera can be seen near the centre of this image. NASA Space Shuttle image S-19-35, 1984.