Lavic Lake

Volcano number:323190
Region:Canada and Western USA
Country:United States
Geodetic measurements?Yes
Deformation observation?No
Measurement method(s):GPS - continuous
Duration of observation:2000 - present
Inferred cause of deformation:
Characteristics of deformation:

There are currently five GPS receivers that make up the continuous deformation monitoring network at Lavic Lake volcanic field. These receivers are part of the 46 instruments that make up the network monitoring Long Valley Caldera. ( Significant uplift at Long Valley was measured in the years 1978-1983, 1990-1995, 1996, and 1997-1998. See Long Valley Caldera for details of deformation observed.


Reference:U.S. Geological Survey California Volcano Observatory (CalVO)
Location:-116.625, 34.75

Pisgah Crater of Lavic Lake volcanic field. Source P. Kimberly, Smithsonian Institution