Volcano number:382010
Region:Atlantic Ocean
Geodetic measurements?Yes
Deformation observation?Yes
Measurement method(s):InSAR, GPS - campaign
Duration of observation:2006 to 2009
Inferred cause of deformation:Uncertain
Characteristics of deformation:

An integrated InSAR and GPS vertical deformation, between 2006 and 2010 map, at Fayal volcano identified a large continuous area of subsidence on the west of Fayal island, on the flank of Capelinhos eruption cone. There was a maximum subsidence range of 10 mm/yr (Catalão et al., 2010). The source of deformation was not studied.

Reference:Catalão, J., Nico, G., Hanssen, R., & Catita, C. (2010). Integration of INSAR and GPS for vertical deformation monitoring: a case study in Faial and Pico islands. In Proc. Fringe 2009 Workshop, Frascati, Italy (Vol. 30).
Reference:Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program
Location:-28.73, 38.6

View of Fayal volcano. Source: Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program