Volcano number:222051
Region:Africa and Red Sea
Geodetic measurements?Yes
Deformation observation?No
Measurement method(s):InSAR
Duration of observation:2003 - 2010
Inferred cause of deformation:
Characteristics of deformation:

An InSAR study of volcanoes in the Kenyan Rift looked at deformation at Emuruangogolak between 2003 – 2010 using ALOS data. No deformation was reported above the detection threshold of 0.37 cm/yr (Robertson, 2015).

Reference:Robertson, E. 2015. Magma storage and transport at Kenyan Rift volcanoes: a remote sensing perspective. Chapter 2. Ph.D Thesis, University of Bristol, UK.
Reference:Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program
http://volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn= 222051
Location:36.33, 1.5

 Emuruangogolak is a broad shield volcano. The volcano has a 5 x 3.5 km wide summit caldera, whose southern rim can be seen here. The caldera was thought to form 38,000 years ago, and its most recent eruption less than a hundred years ago. Photo by Martin Smith, 1993 (copyright British Geological Survey, NERC).