Cobb Segment

Volcano number:331011
Region:Hawaii and Pacific Ocean
Geodetic measurements?No
Deformation observation?
Measurement method(s):No measurements
Duration of observation:
Inferred cause of deformation:Magmatic
Characteristics of deformation:
Reference:Carbotte, S.M., Detrick, R.S., Harding, A., Canales, J.P., Babcock, J., Kent, G., Van Ark, E., Nedimovic, M. and Diebold, J., 2006. Rift topography linked to magmatism at the intermediate spreading Juan de Fuca Ridge. Geology, 34(3), pp.209-212.
Reference:Global Volcanism Program, 2013. [Cobb Segment (331011)] in Volcanoes of the World, v. 4.5.0. Venzke, E (ed.). Smithsonian Institution. Downloaded 17 Jul 2016 ([]).
Location:-129.33, 46.88